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What is a Website Traffic Checker? 


What Is A Website Traffic Checker and Much More

What is a site traffic checker?

A traffic checker is used by various professionals to determine how much traffic their site is getting(including specific days and time periods). The checker collects site information using the domain name, organic searches, cost per domain, and much more. 

Two reasons why you should use one?

1) It helps to determine how much of an audience your site actually has. Some site and content creators assume that they have a larger audience than they really do. The checker will gauge how many people are coming and going. It will also determine how much your audience is interested in the products you offer.
Everyone has different interests. You have to take this into account. The checker will give you an idea of which products are taking off versus the ones that are not.

2) Some visitors click on your site out of curiosity(nothing more). They are bored. They want something to do, and your site pops up. They visit. Maybe they like what they see, but chances are they are not going to be there long. Once again, they are bored
Others visit because they know who you are. They like what you have done(in the past). They come back due to customer loyalty. 
There are other visitors that fall somewhere in between the spectrum. The goal is to spend time on the people who really are interested in you and what you offer. The last thing you want is to spend time and money on visitors who are simply bored.
True customer loyalty lasts forever. That is why the website traffic checker is so invaluable. Collaborate with traffic masters to help grow your website.
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